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Foundation announces plans to close Yippie Yogurt store

By: Kevin W. Green | Daily Republic | Fairfield-Suisun | June 15, 2015

FAIRFIELD — The Yippie Foundation announced Monday that it will close its Yippie Yogurt shop in Fairfield on July 31.

The nonprofit foundation opened the yogurt store at 1955 W. Texas St. in 2012 to serve as a career training program for low-income youth.

“In the end, we simply could not attract and maintain the customer base and stable funding needed to continue the Yippie Yogurt Job Training Program,” said program founder Sherilyn Henry.

With slow sales, the foundation had relied on fundraisers to cover an operating deficit, she said.

“With sales continuing to decline these past few months, it’s become pretty obvious that it can’t stay open,” she said. “It’s not viable as a business. And it’s not a really great job training experience for kids when you have so few customers.”

Business has slowed since Yippie Yogurt opened its doors in the Winery Square shopping center, next to Nation’s Giant Hamburger.

“Sales were strong when we first opened the shop in 2012, but have declined over the past several months,” Doug Henry, foundation president, said in a press release. “We were hoping for a summer rebound which has not materialized.”

Other factors also contributed to the decision, according to the foundation release.

“Additional increases in 2016 rent, labor expenses, insurance, utilities and goods contributed to the decision to close operations,” Charlie Monahan, operations director and board president emeritus said in the release. “We simply were not in a position to sign on for another three-year lease.”

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